Wednesday 1 April 2015

Locating Monsters in this Blog

I have included one or two stat-blocks for Dungeon Crawl Classics on this blog over the last few years. So much so that it has become difficult to locate them all at a moment’s notice. Here are some links to help. You will still have to check the blog entry to find the creature you want. Be warned that some are found inside spell descriptions. I have also included work available online, both in the case of Spellburn submissions and placed in the comments of What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse.

LAST UPDATE: 10 June 2024

To make “characters” easy to find, I have separated them out: Agamas Ringo, the Saturn Kid; Angar, Son of Ormgeld, father of GrendelAsbolus; Ayesha; Azubal, Goblin VampireBaal Zymymar; BalrogBeaus; Bilbo BagginsBreckinridge Elkins; Buffy SummersCalibos; the California RaisinsCap’n Kidd; Captain Jack SparrowCelation; Charity DesireChild of LightChiron,  Aspect of; Conan the Cimmerian; Conan the Cimmerian (younger); the Crimson RenegadeCryonax (Prince of Evil Cold)Dalek Supreme; Death CartDeath Dealer; Death Dealer's Warhorse; Doc Savage; the Doomed HeroDragotha the Undead DragonDrowned Maid; Edward's Horses; EgrinnElemental Princes of EvilEternally Hungry CaterpillarEuryale; Gearon; Gilbert Malévol the FoxGilmar's GhostGlory McGraw; Gwangi; Harstrow the Harrower; Hook’s Crocodile; IgoaImix (Prince of Evil Fire)Jirel of JoiryKalrak the Darkling High PriestKur’tis the Colossus; Lady Aborn, Evil SorceressLamia; LaSalle ManLernaean HydraLillit; Lolth; Lemunda the Lovely; Mad HermitMadam VastraMalpha; Man in Black; McBones, Skeletal BartenderMedusa, Harryhausen; Mammoth Mummy; Ninaran, Elven SpyOdysseus, Un-dead Lord of EnezOgrémoch (Prince of Evil Earth)Old EdwardOlhydra (Princess of Evil Water); OrloPolydorPrincess Ariel; ProsperoThe Queen; Queen Isabeau; Queequeetodon, Shaman of the DeepR’yalas, Lord of the Drowned OnesRaRangdayakRazemuth the Avatar; Rex the Strangler; Severus Snape; ShkivThe Soldier of Fortune; Ssendam, Lord of MadnessSuanggi;  Tamar; Tarzan of the ApesTarzan the Ape-Man; Terko Cooper; ThingizzardThorin Oakenshield; TiamurkeyTrantis; UvasVanth; Vauquelin, Soldier of FortuneVauquelin, the Tyrant Consort; the Wampler; Wizard of the Red Robes; Yukon Cornelius, Warrior of the NorthYan-C-Bin (Prince of Evil Air); Ygorl, Lord of EntropyZephon; Zharge; and Zolla the Eye.

A complete list, with links, is below. I will try to update this periodically as new stats become available. The initial list was 89 entries, some of which have two or more separate stat blocks. As of 24 October 2018, it is 190 entries. I counted 424 entries as of 10 October 2022, but I admit that I might have lost count somewhere along the way, and be off by 1-2 in either direction.

As of 10 June 2024, there were just over 550 entries. You could very much run a long-lasting campaign using little more than these statblocks, the ones from the core rulebook, and the Cyclopedia of Common Animals from my Patreon.

It would be really cool to see something like this that listed DCC monsters available on the Internet from all authors, but the amount of work required would be staggering!

N: Nachtkrapp; Necrophidius; Needleman; Night-WightNilbog; Nilgai; Ninaran, Elven SpyNonafel; Norker; Nycadaemon; Nymph; Nymph, Divine

X: XillXorn; Xvart


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