Thursday 23 November 2023

Happy Thanksgiving!


Tiamurkey: Init +5; Atk peck +7 melee (1d3+4) or claw +5 melee (2d6) or breath weapon; AC 20; HD 12d6; MV 40’; Act 5d20; SP breath weapons, relatively stupid, death throes; SV Fort +8; Ref +5; Will +5; AL C.

Breath Weapon 1: Sonic gobble: 60' cone, 1d6 damage and Fort DC 15 or be knocked prone.

Breath Weapon 2: Hot grease: 80' line, 2d8 damage (Reflex DC 15 for half).

Breath Weapon 3: Stuffing: 10' x 10' space, creatures therein cannot move until they succeed in a Strength check DC 15 to escape the stuffing and leave the space.

Breath Weapon 4: Barrage of giblets: 30' cone, 3d6 damage (Reflex DC 15 negates).

Breath Weapon 5: Somnambulance: 30' diameter cloud up to 30' away, Will DC 15 or fall into a torpor, being able to take no actions and move at only half normal speed for 1d8 rounds.

Tiamurkey, King and Master of Evil Turkeys, dwells on a hell plane amid giant mutated turkeys, primordial cranberry jellies, and other evil four-clawed birds of the nether realms. Once every year, on the fourth week of November, he rises from his fetid breeding grounds to roam the Fields We Know in search of those who have put up decorations for other holidays too early in the season.

Each of Tiamurkey’s five heads has its own breath weapon, and each of these can be used three times each day. Although Tiamurkey is a genius among turkeys, he is still not that bright by human standards, and cunning PCs may find a way to outwit him. It is said that he only appears this late in the year to avoid rain – in times past, he has been defeated when all five heads looked upward into the rain until he drowned. Snow doesn’t present this problem.

When reduced to 0 hp (or otherwise “killed”), Tiamurkey is not slain, but merely banished back to his hell plane to recover until his next sojourn to the mortal realm. He will seek to extract vengeance upon those who defeated him, but, not being that bright, his vengeance is likely to target the wrong people.