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Herculoids: The Amatons

Amaton: Init +0; Atk strike +1 melee (1d8) or by weapon +2 melee (by weapon +1) or blast rifle +1 ranged (2d8 nonlethal); AC 17; HD 3d8+3; MV 20’; Act 1d20; SP weird technology; SV Fort +6, Ref +1, Will +4; AL L.

This is a race of small machine entities who travel to different planets and dimensions in flying disc ships. They seek to enslave powerful monsters, and then use these to battle all who oppose them. The Amatons appear to be spindly humanoids encased in outlandish orange armour. Their heads are flattened ovals with odd projections. The Amatons rely upon their weird technology, as outlined below.

Blast Rifle: This is an energy projection weapon with a maximum range of 500’ and range increments of 100’/200’/400’. When used by an Amaton, a blast rifle always has sufficient energy to work, as it can draw energy from the Amaton itself. When used by another, the blast rifle ceases to function on any natural attack roll of 1-2 (in addition to any other effects), or immediately after any damage roll of 2. A blast rifle only does nonlethal damage; any creature reduced to 0 hp is stunned for 2d6 minutes.

Control Ring: This large glowing metal ring is in two parts before being snapped around the neck of a creature. The ring can adjust its size to some degree, once closed, to fit its wearer. In order to attach a control ring, two Amatons, each carrying half the ring, must succeed in an attack roll (ignore all armour when determining AC; the judge may adjust to determine the effective AC of monsters, or simply grant a +4 bonus to this check). If both succeed, the control ring is set in place and activated. Amatons prefer to attach control rings to stunned monsters, where success is certain. A creature fitted with a control ring follows the orders of the Amaton leader without question. A humanoid foe is allowed a DC 10 Will save to shake off the control ring, but non-humanoids gain no save. It may be destroyed by inflicting 10+ points of damage in a single attack against AC 16.

Flying Sled: This single-being unit is controlled by the Amatons through sheer mental force via contact, and cannot usually be used by other creatures. It allows the Amaton to fly at a rate of 60’. AC 12, 20 hp. For Crawling Under a Broken Moon stats, see below:

Flying sled: Init +0; Atk rundown +0 melee (2d3+Ram); AC 12; HD 6d6; Speed cruise 1/max 3; Act 1d20; SA open, very nimble; SV Fort +0, Ref +4, Will NA; Fuel Tank special; Guzzle special.

Flying Disc: The Amaton flying disc is equipped with a stun turret that does 4d8 points of nonlethal damage, stunning targets reduced to 0 hp for 4d6 minutes. The stun turret is located on the disc’s underside. A flying disc can hold up to 25 Amatons, as well as their flying sleds, control rings, and blaster rifles. It is capable of flying between worlds and stars, and can even traverse dimensional planes. AC 16, 100 hp. For Crawling Under a Broken Moon (atmospheric) and Crawljammer (interplanetary) stats, see below.
Flying disc: Init +2; Atk stun turret +3 ranged (4d6 nonlethal); AC 16; HD 20d10; Speed cruise 3/max 6; Act 1d20; SA passengers cannot be targeted, weapon mount; SV Fort +8, Ref +2, Will NA; Fuel Tank special; Guzzle special.
Flying disc: Init +2; Atk stun turret +4 ranged (4d6 nonlethal); AC 16; HD 20d10; MV 60’; Act 1d20; SV Fort +8, Ref +2, Will +6; Crit d10; Fumble d6; Composition: metal; Luck pool: 2.
Source: The Herculoids (Hanna Barbera Productions). Modified from original write-up by Abacus Ape, via Turgenev’s PDF collection. These are AD&D stats, but are worth a visit. You can download free PDFs of many Herculoids creatures.

Next up: Githyanki and Githzerai.

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