Sunday, 4 November 2012

DCC Crowdfunding

If you have been reading Tenkar’s Tavern, you will have noticed his interesting posts related to Kickstarter projects.  If you are not reading Tenkar’s Tavern, shame on you!  You should be!

I am currently involved in two Indiegogo projects:  Angels, Daemons, and Beings Between:  A Patron Sourcebook for DCC RPG, (which is funded, has its main product written, and is currently going through editing and layout) and In the Prison of the Squid Sorcerer (which is currently pretty far short of its funding goal, but which has some kick-ass writing and art done for it already, and which I urge you to support). 

It is disheartening to note how many crowd funded RPG projects are behind schedule, and I am pretty sure that this affects the willingness of future crowd-funding efforts.

As far as I can tell, both projects I am involved with are on schedule.  In the case of the patron project, waiting for writing wasn't as much of a problem as determining what the best parts were, to fit into a book that is bulging at its seams.  Layout is taking a while simply because of (1) the large number of charts in a patron-based project, and (2) fitting all of this goodness into a single book of reasonable size.  

While I wrote a number of these patrons, I am more amazed by the creativity of the ones I did not write.  So, if you liked the previews on this blog, you should like the final product.  And, if you didn’t join in the crowd-funding, you should still seriously consider picking it up when it becomes available.

In the case of Squid Sorcerer, writing is proceeding extremely well, and the artwork is fantastic in my opinion.  Funding will determine more how this product comes about than if it does – and I urge you to consider funding so that the product will be in print (rather than pdf) right out of the door.  

Either way, the product is on track to be released in a timely manner, although no funding could push that timeline back a little.  Remember that Indiegogo products are tied to meeting goals; there is no risk of funding a project that doesn’t meet its primary goal, you’ve lost nothing.

My own contributions include (but are not limited to!) Tomb of the Squonk, Mermaids From Yuggoth, and one of the stretch goal module, a 0-level funnel where cavemen investigate a crashed spaceship.  I have had the opportunity to read through several other contributions, from more than one author, and I can say unequivocally that this book is going to be cool.  Because these are adventures, rather than a supplement like the patron book, I am hesitant to post serious spoilers here….doing so might damage your enjoyment of the final product.

Jumping into the fray of publishing is a huge undertaking.  I am currently engaged by several publishers, and I take all of these projects seriously.  The people I am working with also take these projects seriously.  Dungeon Crawl Classics is a great game, and I am seriously lucky to have be able to be contribute to it.

We have no intention of letting you down.


  1. Thanks for posting something about Angels; I'm a Patron of Umwansh but hadn't heard anything since the campaign closed.

  2. I just got a look at our current layout, and I am feeling pretty happy. I hope you will feel just as happy.