Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Conan or Aragorn

A simple quiz. 

Which statement refers to Conan, which to Aragorn, which to both, and which to neither?

Original author sources only.

1. One of the greatest travellers of his era.
2. Became King of the greatest nation of his era.
3. That he was the rightful king was revealed by a broken sword.
4. Is stealthy in the wild.
5. Travelled under different names.
6. Was born on a battlefield.
7. Served in armies ruled by others.
8. Has dark hair.
9. Comes from the north.
10. Is descended from a smith.
11. Is descended from people who one dwelt in a lost civilization, and who escaped its sinking.
12. Is one of the greatest warriors of his time.
13. Has dealings with rangers.
14. Fights in a battle that includes oliphaunts.
15. Is aided by a wizard who was trapped by a rival wizard.
16. Gazes into a stone to uncover hidden knowledge.
17. Fought against hill men.
18. Is moved by music.
19. Is opposed by someone whose power is linked to possession of a singular Ring.
20. Is an able captain, both on land and on sea.
21. Speaks many languages.
22. Has moments of melancholy or fey moods.

1 comment:

  1. Most of these are both, though there's a couple I'm unsure about: 5 and 14 particularly. Conan was occasionally called other things (Amra) but traveling udner different names suggests hiding his identity, and I don't recall when he might have done that.