Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Dungeon Crawl Classics - Patron Finder

Last updated 30 July 2019

It is almost 100% certain that I am missing several patrons already. Links go to listings in the DCC Trove of Treasures, and will be updated accordingly as that blog is updated.

As it stands, though, this page will help you locate patron information for your DCC, MCC, and related games.

Aakaanksha, The Granter of Pleasures
Acceptance, the Root Organ-Fractal
ACHROMA (Ad-Hoc Computer Hierarchy with Recursive Optical Memory AI)
ADEONA (Accelerated Destination Engineering & Orbital Nilspace AI)
Agaderathil, the Black Between the Stars
A’goth-Amon, Abyssal Prince
Alboran, the Red King
The Anti-Sam, Patron of the American Nightmare
Archdloos,The King of Swords
The Arm of Vendel Re’Yune
Ar-Mammon, Lord of Hidden Treasures
Ars-Eleeta, Goddess of Technology
Atraz-Azul, Mother of Spiders
Avridar, King of Air, the South Wind, the Sirocco, the King of Storms
Azi Dahaka
Baal Zymymar
The Baba Jedza
Balancyrs, the Changeling Prince
Belshar of the Five Eyes
The Benefactors
The Benighted Pleomorphic Prion from Beyond
“Billy Jack”, An Artificial Intelligence Patron for DCC
Biloop, King of Sealife
B’kakaaw, Queen of Birds
The Black Goat
Blorgamorg, the Chthonic Snail
The Bone Lady
Brinae, Queen of Water, Lady of the Laughing Waters, the River Maiden, the Mistress of Clouds
Buddy O’Burger
Camazotz the Death Bat
Castle Oldskull
The Charred Maiden
The Chromatic Court
Chrontics Vault
The Cinder Claws
Ćire, Interdimensional Patron
Crimson Anagalis, the Repentant Collector
Culmenthdor the Sundered
The Curator
Daenthar, Progenitus of Inspiration
The Dead Rock Star, Patron of Fame and Excess
The Demon, the God of Thunder, Doctor Love
The Dimensional Dogs
Doctor Chapman
The Dweller in Dreams
The Earth Brain of the Cyberhive
Ehawol, the Fallen
Elemental Lords
Emperor Norton I, Patron of the Benevolently Mad and Those Enslaved by Circumstance
Enzazza, Queen of the Hive
The Faerie Ring
Fantomah the Jungle Goddess
Father Frost, Craftsman of the Northern Lands
The Fiddler
Flash and Twilight
Floating Island of Terror
The Fog Beast
The Four Maidens of Tylin
Friggseth, the Seed in the Earth
GAEA (Global Array Earth AI)
The Gallows Tree
Ganelith, Lord of the Twisted
Garun, God of Scientific Slaughter
Gaz and the Drake
Gearswave, Inc.
Gelos, the Black Jester, Old Grin Maw, Death’s Mooncalf
The Gentle Lady
Ghywval, the Dead God
The Giant Ebony Hand
Gloriana, Faerie Godmother
The Gods of Trouble
Golsimea, the Coming Change
The Great Ak
The Great Pumpkin
The Grey Directorate
Grom, Prince of Elemental Stone
Gruuhm, Elemental Lord of Earth
Gul, the Old Darkness
Gydrion the Wanderer, Gydrion the Curious, the Wandering Wizard, the Hedge Wizard
HALE-E (Hologrid AI Login Entry – Entertainment)
The Hates
Haeviel, the Six-Winged Wonder, the Seraphim, the Righteous Knight of Heavens
Hecate (1), Goddess of Witches
Hecate (2)
HERA (Human Environment Reconfiguration AI)
HEXACODA (Holistic Entry-Exit AI, Coded on DNA)
Hhaaashh-Lusss, Lord Duke of Reptiles
Hidden Lord, God of Secrets
Hizzzgrad, Daemonic Lord of Crawling Things
Horned King
Hraalvid, King of Earth, the Lord of Patience, the Lord of Stone, Keeper of Wisdom, Earth-shaker
Huitzilopochtli, Lord of the South, God of War
Ik'tik'buboe, the Drowned Sultan
Issek of the Jug
Ithha, Prince of Elemental Wind
John Henry, Steel Drivin’ Patron
Johnny Appleseed
Kala Môr
Kandri-sek, Queen of Fire, Queen of Passion, Child of the Phoenix Lord
Kannimorg, King of Bats, Bears, and Wolves
King Halgaz Bekur
The King of Elfland
Kizzithixx, the Lord of Chains, the Bound One
Klarvgorok, the Merciless Gaze
Krakaal, Prince of Elemental Flame
Krelvax the Weaver
The Lady in Blue (Patron Write-up)
Lady of Shadows
Lamia, Patron of a Mother’s Nightmare
Lao T’zai
Lavarial, Angel of the Temple
Lilith (1)
Lilith (2)
Locust Lord
Logos, the Perfect Form
The Lonely King
Lumgolit, the Demon Queen of the Spider Pits
Mab, Dark Queen of Faerie
The Mad Moon
Magog the Beast
Malloc the Dark Creeper
The Man in the Green Velvet Coat
MANGALA (Mars Asynchronous Networked Galactic AI)
Marcus Tertius
ME10 (Mnemonic Entity X 10 Billion)
The Mean Old Man
Menelotera, the Devil Bloom
Merlin (Revised)
The Metal Gods
Midwinter Maker
Mike Fink
Modeca, the Second of Three (Ol’ Blackcloak)
Mog the Spider God
Moolineha, Queen of the Hooved
Mother of Hearts
The Mother of Monsters
The Mother of Shards
Mrowra, Queen of Cats
Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow, Patron of Arsonists
Mulferret, Queen of Weasels
Mulmo, He Who Whispers Forgotten Secrets
Myassari, the Patron of Birth and Decay
Naaz-Ibhax, the Elder Eye and the Shapeless One – Chaos Lord
Nalfeshnee, Lord of Pigs (Expanded)
Narrimunth, Spawnmother of Rats
The Nazhghad
Nektherazzan, the Everburning Flame of the Desert
Nengal, the Wild One
Ningauble of the Seven Eyes
Nul, the Mindless God
The Old Man of the Mountain (a.k.a. the Great Stone Face), Patron of Knowledge and the Land
The OVERLORD (Operant Very-Efficient Regulated Locality Reconnaissance Defender)
Patsy, Patron God of Henchfolk
Pesh Joomang, the Gate and the Keeper
Ptah-Ungurath, Opener of the Way
The Queen of Battle, Death’s Handmaiden, the Black Queen, the Doom Bringer, the Destroyer
The Queen of Ice and Frost
Radu, King of Rabbits
The Ram of Light
The Rat God
Razor-Worn, Henceforth the Shaft
The Red Death
The Red Duke
Reidmar, the Deathless
The Resplendent Aweswine
The Rope, God of Assassins
Saint Nicholas
Scrimage the Preserver
The Sea King
Serbok, the Slithering Shadow
Set-Utekh the Destroyer
Shaggath-Ka, the Worm Sultan
Shammat, Lady of Cats
Sheelba of the Eyeless Face
Sheytherax, Emperor of Reptiles
The Silicone Minds
Sintar, the Knower
Sister Ultiva, Goddess of Vengeance
Sky-Lasher the Everlasting, Trident of the Sun
Somnos, the Dreaming God
Sperato, God of Hope
The Spider Goddess
Splaasha, Prince of Elemental Water
Squallas, Mistress of the Night Soil Rivers
Sseleen'Jeril, the Emerald Snake, the Coiled One, the Endless Beast
Stagger Lee (a.k.a. Stackalee, Stack-o-Lee, or Stagolee), Patron of Badasses
The Star Child
Stardust the Super Wizard
Supreme Brainskull Commander
The Synod of the Astroliches
Takisaka, the Mother of Serpents
Tamarah Pandoramicum
Tand-Alv, the Tooth Fairy
Terror-Eater, the Earth-Mother
TETRAPLEX (Transcendent Extrapolating Term Research AI Pelxed)
A Thing from the Between-Places
The Thing in the Crimson Void
Thantrix the Ineffable
The Three Fates
Torvak, the Enslaved Ape God
The Trickster
Trisdeus the Tri-God
Tsemobog: The Tongue of Hod
The Twisted One
The Two Faced Horned God, a Patron of Druids and Witches
UKUR (Universal Kinetic Underground Rail)
Umwansh, Father of the Waves
Uncle Sam, Patron of the United States of America
Urhatta, the Worldwalker
Van den Danderclanden
The Wampler
Warrior Horde of the Einherjar
Way of the Pteranodon
Way of the Raven
Way of the Triceratops
Way of the Tyrannosaur
Weal, the Queen of Abominations
Winged Tyaa
The Witness Beyond the Stars
Yan Oshoth, Revered Ancestor
Yddgrrl, the World Root (Expanded)
Zatima Xel Barca
Zezzberuiz, Queen of Insects


  1. This is so awesome. Thank you very much!

  2. The giant phone book of names when you're looking for someone to sell your soul to. Fantastic.

    1. Very much so. By my count, this list includes over 270 potential patrons. Not all of them have a full write-up, but.....

  3. Truly an epic listing. You never cease to amaze sir.

  4. I love that thumbnail pic of DCC used in this post (in addition to the patron list). Is that pic from a poster? I couldn't find it as an optional cover for the DCC rulebook.

    1. That is the new Sanjulian painting for an alternate DCC cover.


      I love it, too.