Sunday 7 February 2021

Finding Magic Items in this Blog

 This is an attempt to help judges locate magical items that I have created for the blog or similar sites.

Last Updated 1 March 2024

Altar of Woeful Consumption



Brick of Pleasure and Death

Buckle of Pesh Joomang

Control Ring

Covenant Weed

Cup of Saint Nazrat

Curative Potion

Cursed Half-Plate of the Death Dealer

Draugmere, the Demonglass Blade

Drow Equipment


Enchanted Mistletoe

Fairy Stone

Flail Snail Shell

Gold Ring of Protection +2

Graveyard Wand

Healing Potions (Various)

Helm of Darkness


Instrument of Malmsteen

Libations of McBones, the Skeletal Bartender


Mårtenson's Ring of the Eagle's Shape

Mask of Terror

McTinker's Goggles

Obsidian Dagger

Orb of Temptation

Potion of Armor

Potion of Cure Light Wounds

Potion of Extra-Healing

Potion of Strength

Potion of Super-Heroism

Qullan Swords

Ring of Magic Shield

Ring of the Silicon Minds

Rod of Striking

Sanguine Hourglasses

Scroll of Bafflement

Scroll of Flaming Hands

Seven Keys

Silver Swords

Sodoutym’s Bracers

Soul Circlet

Sphere of Time

Spinal Cat of Nine Torments

Staff of the Serpent


The Sword of Spartusia

Terror Runes

Time Destructor

Tunic of Pesh Joomang





Ygorl's Scythe

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