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More on Mathoms

This year's birthday mathom (I am thinking I might make it an annual event, as would any self-respecting Baggins, Boffin, or Bracegirdle) is about 70% complete, being the patron Hizzzgrad, Daemonic Lord of Crawling Things.  I am currently working on his Level 2 patron spell, Animated by Worms.  I am considering throwing in a bit of extra, like some related magic items, "just because".

Suggestions for extras will be considered, but due to time constraints, I cannot guarantee anything.

If you have already responded to the mathom post (updated), make sure that I have an email address to send this to you!  Mathoms will be going out as soon as I get my lazy ass out of bed on August 4th.  If you have received nothing by August 5th, and you think this is an oversight, then email me asap and I will correct it as soon as I get the email.

I can be reached by email at ravencrowking at hotmail dot com.

Some preview material:

None has ever seen Hizzzgrad, the Daemonic Lord of Crawling Things, but his voice has been heard in the evil chirpings of crickets in lonely places at night, and his will has been made known through scorpions speaking with unnatural voices.  His voice was heard in one world by a wayfarer in the desert, manifested through the sounds of night insects, that led to the writing of that benighted book, The Necronomicon (as it appeared on that world) and drove the Arabic wanderer mad.

Hizzzgrad manifests through all manner of creatures that creep and crawl – serpents, lizards, crabs, spiders, and the beetles that feed on dung and corpses.  His dominions are the stinging flies, the swarms of locusts, and the spineless blind worms that writhe deep beneath the ground.  There is much he knows of corpses and the dead, and those Wizards who would wield the Arts Necromantic seek the patronage of this Daemonic Lord.

Hizzzgrad’s ceremony must be conducted in a graveyard or crypt oozing with worms or crawling with invertebrates.

Patron Taint:  Hizzzgrad

Those tainted by their connection to Hizzzgrad become less human.  Insanity creeps upon them as they listen more and more to the voices of the crickets in the night, and identify more with the creeping things that hide from the sun than they do with their fellow men.  And, as is well known, those who follow Hizzzgrad are compelled to write of their journey into inhuman madness, and their missives can lead others into psychosis.  Those who would read the tainted ramblings of the Lord of Crawling Things’ followers do so at their own risk…for thus does Hizzzgrad gain followers to whom the Daemonic Lord owes nothing whatsoever.

Night Voices:  When this taint is first rolled, the wizard becomes aware of words and language hidden in the nocturnal sounds of crickets, serpents, and flies.  Even the whine of mosquitoes carries a message, if only she could understand it.  When this patron taint is rolled a second time, the wizard begins to understand the voices, and they bolster her spell casting.  When the wizard is in a location where she can hear the night chorus (judge’s determination), she gains a +2 bonus on all spell checks.  When this is rolled a third time, the meaning of the voices becomes far clearer, and more terrible.  The wizard retains the previous bonus, and, in addition, the judge may tell the wizard additional rumours and secrets, as well as provide adventure hooks.  However, if this taint is rolled again, treat as if Madness (see below) were rolled instead.
Madness:  When this patron taint is first rolled, the character begins to go mad.  Initially, this is just a role-playing consideration (and the judge should encourage role-playing the increased madness).  Thereafter, each time this taint is rolled, the character permanently loses 1d3 points of Personality and gains a +1 bonus to his Will saves.  Each point of Personality loss can only be recovered by performing an act of madness so astounding that the judge chooses to return the point.  Each time, the judge should require something that tops the previous act.  Eventually, the player will be forced to play out the character’s madness, accept the Personality loss, or retire the character.  If the character’s Personality drops below 3, irrevocable insanity causes the character to become an NPC under the judge’s control.  There is no other limit to how often this taint can be rolled.


This is a special thank you for those of you who have taken the time out to provide feedback (as per the "mathoms" post), and there are no plans to release it more broadly at this time.

Thanks & Good Gaming!

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