Monday, 15 July 2013

The Folk of Osmon

The Folk of Osmon (Purple Duck Games) is now available.

A mighty civilization once thrived where now only lonely Osmon Mire stretches across the land.  The crumbled and vine-laden ruins of ages-old buildings arise here and there from the reedy mud and water.  The remains of statues and derelict temples adorn low hills rising from the muck.  Fell beasts roam the mire at night and man-like shapes haunt the swamp.  After dark none willingly passes the low hill, with its blood-encrusted altar stone, where the Folk of Osmon are said to sacrifice their victims.

The Campaign Elements series is designed to help judges create persistent campaign worlds, as well as deal with patron quests, divine requests, and the sudden need to “Quest For It”.  Whether it is because you are short on players one evening, or the wizard needs to locate a new spell, the Campaign Elements series has you covered.

Each of these areas is short enough to be played through by most groups in only a single session.  That doesn't mean that the value of the area is limited to a single session – each adventure includes notes on “squeezing it dry”…effectively getting the maximum re-use from your investment.

An adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics characters across multiple levels.

This Campaign Element is perfectly suitable to drop into Perils of the Sunken City (and the related Sunken City adventures) by Purple Sorcerer Games as a side trek or adventure seed.  

Special thanks to Purple Sorcerer Extraordinare Jon Marr for permission to mention a possible tie-in to the Sunken City in the solicitation text for this product.  

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