Sunday, 21 July 2013

Bone Hoard at the Wizard's Cache

Yesterday's run of Bone Hoard of the Dancing Horror ran from 1 pm to 4:30, with a group of four people (one of whom had played in my Sailors on the Starless Sea World Tour event, and the other three new to the game).  One of the players was the owner of the store where the event was taking place (Wizard's Cache at 333 Bloor Street West in Toronto), which certainly was a bonus.

The group did not get through the module, largely due to the time spent defeating the first group of monsters....the dice were rolling a series of "1"s for the players that allowed me to show what divine disapproval and fumbles were like.  There was also, on the other hand, a couple of criticals (the thief backstabbing the titular dancing horror).....and a monster against a PC!

(Rolling over the body was success, one failure.  In the heat of the moment, I erred and forgot to take away a stat point.)

They also spent a lot of time playing with candles (and had fun doing so).  The module proceeded as expected in terms of which rooms got explored first - that the initial monsters came from the east led the players eastward first, before they backtracked and headed north.

The dancing horror was effective.  They discovered what it did without anyone actually falling victim to it wholly, and one character, attempting to cast scare through a certain item, almost presented it to the horror, becoming immune to the creature in the process, but she pulled it back.

The creep factor was high.  There was a lot of hesitation about what to do next.  Unfortunately, some of the players were involved in a Changeling game that began just after 4:30, so we had to call it quits just before the hoardling made its dread appearance.

Handing out swag was fun.  Afterwards, I left a stack of DCC bookmarks with the store to help with their promotions, and I was asked if I could run another before my next scheduled date in August.  I then spent the next hour plus in the store, showing the DCC rulebook to other interested customers, handing out some freebies from my swag, and getting people ready to try it out during the Wizard's Cache MiniCon, where I will be running Michael Curtis' Frozen in Time.

This was the fifth World Tour event I have set up, and the fourth successful one (even if every successful event did not run exactly as expected).  The goal of increasing the profile of DCC in Toronto proceeds in a disorderly fashion.

I have another extra copy (contributor's copy) of the Goodman Games Free RPG Day module from 2013, which will be given to one player of the Frozen in Time game. which will be announced soon on this blog.  If my contributor copies from Brave Halfling come in time, I might have even more stuff to give away!

If you are wondering whether or not you should come out to play, you should.  I've told George I'll happily take a table of 8 players.  You can reach Wizard's Cache at 647-748-3433.  There is an $8 preregistration fee, or $12 at the door, for the MiniCon, which runs from Friday through Sunday.  Take in as many games as you can, and make your money stretch as far as it will go, but keep August 16th, from 1 pm to 5 pm, free for Frozen in Time.  Much mayhem with Mr. Curtis' best adventure yet!

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