Monday, 12 May 2014

Marvel's Agents of Shield Theory

The designation 0-8-4, used to denote an object of unknown origin, and used in specific reference to Skye, is a comics issue number.  When Skye's identity in the Marvel universe is at last revealed, we will discover that the character first appeared in Issue #84 of some Marvel comic book.....related to Avengers: Disassembled, perhaps?

Maybe...maybe not....just spitballing here.


  1. Do you have credible sources or evidence to back this up? For me honestly I don't see the MAoS being too closely tied to comics - lots of new characters, not enough comic book characters. Some episodes you're lucky to get even references in the script to a superhero. This is not necessarily a bad thing in itself, but it does mean that the comic books are not a good source of info on what might happen in the TV show.

  2. You theory holds little value, what with the designation being 0-8-4.

    1. Why is that? Comic books are often listed on collector sites (and elsewhere) using a three-digit format, so that the order is correct. In this case, 084 is just another way of writing 84.

    2. What he means is that there's a typo in the original post suggesting the designation is 0-8-'5'. Still, I like the theory, and it's not completely out of nowhere - witness the flight number of The Bus being 616.