Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Glass Cage

If you happen to live in the Toronto area, my good friend Garett Oliver is currently appearing in The Glass Cage (a play by J.B. Priestly) with Snowdrop Productions.  Now I know that this doesn't fit with the standard RPG focus of this blog, but (1) Garett is a player in my home campaign, and (2) Garett is also one of the editorial minds behind upcoming outlet for more DCC goodness.

Not only is this a fantastic opportunity to support a fellow gamer, but it is your chance to put a face to a Silmarillius on the Goodman Games Forums.

Background, review, and review.

That's Garett in the picture to the right.  

He's the guy in the vest. 

He is also in the picture below.  The one who is not in the dress.

You can find the stage listings here.  How sweet it is to run games for such talented individuals!

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