Sunday 25 August 2013

The Real Stone Heads

If you happen to have purchased CE4:  The Seven Deadly Skills of Sir Amoral the Misbegotten, and you happen to live in Toronto, you can find the Stone Heads in Dufferin Grove Park if you look carefully around the northwest portion of the park.

People sometimes ask where these ideas come from.  If you look at the picture, you can see that these Stone Heads will no longer be telling my secrets.  But there are others in the park; all you need do is look!

Inspiration comes from everywhere; all you need do is keep your eyes open!  I would love to hear about how others turned their own "local colour" into the exotic for their games.


  1. I just went up to Tahoe recently and the Redwood forests there were very inspirational. There were these dried up mounds of Tree branches in piles, and I was thinking to my self "I could totally see a Goblin or Gnoll living in there"

  2. I used this thing from the town I grew up in:

    I used it almost whole-cloth, the adventure being to locate and retrieve the missing totem pole peices. The idea of a curse being put on a sewage system always cracked me up. I didn't know that curses got that specific.


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