Friday 21 June 2013

Pulp Weird Action

Pulp Weird Encounters #1 is now available from Mystic Bull Games.  

The Pulp Weird Encounter Series comprises DCC RPG Adventures inspired by the weird pulp fantasy of the 60's and 70's. 

Issue #1 introduces you to the Tomb of the Squonk and The Silent Army

Tomb of the Squonk: A hideous creature pleads for you to restore his human form in a weird twist on a fairy tale conceit.  (Author:  Daniel J. Bishop)

The Silent Army: Something in the woods has ensorcelled the men of a woodcutters village. They stand silent and foreboding, watching and waiting for something. What did they see, and can you avoid the same fate?  (Author:  Charlie Scott)

I am surprised and pleased by how well the name "Pulp Weird" so fully encapsulates an underlying tone to the DCC RPG - kudos to the fine folks at Mystic Bull who thought that one up!  (I think it was Paul Wolfe?)

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