Friday, 28 June 2013

Eggplant Productions - Spellbound and Spindles

My friend Rachel Henderson is one of the first people to have ever published my work, and the first person to have paid me for it!

If you have any interest at all, I encourage you to check out her kickstarter page.

Fairy tales are universal stories. They touch on many positive themes (love, strength, courage, loyalty, cleverness, kindness and charity) as well as many negative themes (abuse, neglect, abandonment, oppression, exploitation and small-mindedness). They are versatile.  They can be unraveled and rewoven over and over again without losing their magic.
We want to create a special edition of Spellbound, our children's fantasy e-zine, and a companion adult anthology, titled Spindles, to take full advantage of fairy tales’ plasticity. We want to publish fairy tales retold to include minority, LGBT, and disabled characters. We want to create stories that include the whole spectrum of humanity and make them truly universal.
The special edition of Spellbound will be very similar to the other issues with the theme of fairy tales. It will feature fiction, poetry and artwork. We’ll also be releasing a lesson plan with it, just as we have done with all the other issues.   
The companion adult anthology, Spindles, will have similar content, but will be longer. It will also feature fiction, poetry and artwork. The artwork shown in the video is a good representation of the overall feel of each edition.

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