Monday, 22 April 2013

New Adventures!

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AL 5: Stars in the Darkness is now live from Purple Duck Games.  I am very happy with this adventure, and hope you will be too.

In millennia past, the ancestors of the elves protected the stars as they followed their courses, for there are wolves in the outer dark.  Yet what manner of creature would dare to consume stars as though they were sheep in the field?  And what has become of the ancient starherds who once stopped such monsters?  

For such a monster is back - Urstah, the Star-Drinker.  Stars are disappearing from the night sky, and with the loss of those stars, luck is being drained from the world.  Your luck.  

Dare you enter the caverns, face the star-drinker, and release the stars in darkness?

Stars in the Darkness is a DCC adventure designed for four to eight, third level characters, that can easily be dropped into your campaign.  In it, characters seek to stop an ancient evil from arising, with possibly devastating effects should they fail.  

This is an epic adventure where the actions of the PCs affect the very cosmos.  To fail is almost unthinkable.......But can you succeed?

One of the things that I really like about the Dungeon Crawl Classics system is that it encourages adventures which, in other systems, wouldn't occur until characters were very high level indeed.  If I had been writing for other game systems, this module would have been designed for 12-15th level characters!

Although it is not yet out, The Revelation of Mulmo (Dragon's Hoard Publishing) is written, edited, playtested, and is in final art and layout.

This adventure contains 60 encounter areas (!) in and under an "abandoned" elf fortress that may well hold the key to bringing a dead comrade back to life.

Or it may contain grisly death.

This module comes complete with an appendix of extra patrons, completely developed except for patron spells, with which to delight or bedevil your players.

Linking the two modules?  Elves.  If you are tired of seeing elves merely through the lens of J.R.R. Tolkien, then these two modules will give you everything you need to present a race with a higher past and a darker present - and one well in keeping with the literature of Appendix N!

(Not that there are no nods to the Good Professor....but they are twisted nods.)

I worked very hard on writing these, and have had two great teams helping to bring these adventures from concept to (in one case, almost) finished products. 

I really hope you like them.

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