Tuesday, 22 January 2013

WotC Opens the Vaults

If you haven't heard yet (and I cannot actually believe that you haven't heard), Wizards of the Coast has made a slew of older edition materials available again.

Therefore, some open comments to Wizards of the Coast:

Well, good on ya, WotC!  You have made yourself relevant to many gamers once more, gamers you had previously lost.  I even appreciate what you are trying to do with D&D Next (i.e., 5e), although Joseph Goodman has already taken your place in the "go-to game" department with Dungeon Crawl Classics.

I am old enough to have picked up most of the TSR modules in print, Lo! these many years agone, and I don't really need electronic versions of them now.

So how can you get some of my hard-earned gaming dollars?

I note that there is an intention to include new material with an A1-4 compilation.  Have you considered expanding B4: The Lost City?  I1:  Dwellers of the Forbidden City?  I would buy those.  Have you considered writing new adventures for classic editions, or (better) taking submissions for the same?  Pick authors that are known and trusted, particularly through the OSR movement, and I would be giving you more of my money.  A good adventure can be adapted to any rule system.

But, even if you do not do these things, and even if I already have all the older TSR materials that I currently want - thank you for doing this.  It's good for other people, and it is good for those just getting into the hobby.  It is good for us all.

This is a big step toward restoring my faith in you.  Keep it up.


  1. I wonder what 5e will come along with in the way of 'conversion' rules, for using it with older adventures, etc....? Can we expect 'everything' old to be playable under D&D Next?

    1. Honestly, that doesn't matter to me. I will be running anything I use under the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG rules.