Thursday, 31 January 2013

DCC "World Tour" Toronto

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As part of the DCC “World Tour”, I have decided to run a minimum of nine adventures in Toronto over the course of the spring and summer of 2013.  These nine adventures will be run in game stores, and, with luck, at OSRcon in August.

I will be running three 0-level funnels, three 1st-level adventures, two 2nd-level adventures, and one 3rd-level adventures.  Part of the idea would be that, if you play in one game, your survivors can automatically “move up” to one of the next higher-level games.  For example, if you have one or more survivors of a funnel, you can then automatically reserve a spot in a 1st-level game.

Last year’s Free Role-Playing Game Day developed a hitch because of the lack of preregistration.  Duelling Grounds in Toronto doesn't normally have registration for events, and, as a result, some people didn't want to make the trip for a game they maybe could play, and maybe could not.  Therefore, I am going to run these with at least “partial registration” – holding a number of spots open for the curious or the odd off-the-cuff gamer, while allowing some folks who know they want to be there to preregister.

I plan on running nine adventures which I wrote, plus any others provided by Goodman Games or other sponsors.  Once the nine adventures are written, they will be distributed to some colleagues for further playtesting, and anyone who plays them at the events will be given a form in order to supply feedback and get a playtest credit.  At the minimum, a name for the credit will have to be supplied.

I still need to flesh out the adventures, contact potential gaming sites, and get scheduling information to Goodman Games.  It should be fun.  My nine adventure ideas are

1.  Nightmare of the Dreamer (Lvl 0) – The sleepy fishing village of Red Bar is threatened by a terrible curse, which can only be lifted by Argos the Dreamer.  But Argos the Dreamer is in a prison of his own devising….can a group of villagers rescue him before it is too late?

2.  Four Orbs in a Garden (Lvl 0) – Every 10 years, Waterhall has a contest to see who can deliver the four crystal orbs from the Garden Labyrinth of Challak Ru.  The prize?  Weapons and armour of ancient dwarf-make.  Only four of the townsfolk can win, and many will enter.  Will they work together?  Or will they slaughter each other amid the greenery?

3.  The Blue Flame (Lvl 0) – Of old, the corsairs of the Morgac Isles were a scourge upon the eastern coast.  Who dares enter the decaying keep where the corsairs once reigned?

4.  Marsh Lights (Lvl 1) – That the Pellmire was once the site of a great civilization none can deny, for do the ancient ruined towers not glow there at night, beneath the moon?  The Lady of Red Bar was taken to the Clock Tower of Pellmire three nights ago.  Dare you win fame and fortune by winning her release?

5.  Waterhall is Sinking (Lvl 1) – The storm of the century is brewing….but what does it have to do with the Veiled Blades of Waterhall?

6.  The Slithering Ruins (Lvl 1) – Immortality is the prize for those who explore the last citadel of the Serpent Lords, and who return to tell of it.

7.  Challak Ru Must Fall (Lvl 2) – the Serpent Lords are long dead, but their deadly god yet remains.  Unless His unholy servants are thwarted, the entire eastern coast will be swept beneath the writhing amber tentacles of Challak Ru!

8.  Stronger Than Love (Lvl 2) – When the Veiled Blades of Waterhall meddle in divine politics, do you dare to stop them?  How far are you willing to go?

9.  Beneath the Ancient Sea (Lvl 3) – Beneath an ancient desert seabed, the fate of a world rests on one last battle against Challak Ru. 

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  1. Hey, not sure if I could make it out but if so, how would I go about signing up etc? I live in Oakville...