Tuesday, 13 September 2022

Zolla the Eye

Zolla the Eye: Init +0; Atk Spell; AC 17; HD 6d6; hp 20; MV 20’; Act 3d20; SP Infravision 300’, telepathy, spellcasting, mind-bending appearance; SV Fort +3, Ref +1, Will +10; AL C.

            Spells (+10 bonus to spell check): Charm person, detect evil, detect invisible, detect magic, Ekim’s mystical mask, ESP, forget, knock, locate object, magic shield, mirror image, planar step, scare, sleep, slow, and wizard sense.

Zolla the Eye is one of the strangest beings in existence – an enormous eyeball supported by two sets of legs (one male, and one female), with over a dozen tentacles ending in hands. The curtain-like cloth it uses to cover its body hides something even Weirder and more grotesque. Should you catch a glimpse of it – and Zolla will never intentionally let that happen – you must succeed in a DC 17 Will save or retch for the next 2d6 rounds, being able to take no other action. At the end of this period, you must succeed in a DC 12 Will save or permanently lose 1d3 points of Intelligence and Personality. Some things are not meant to be seen, and can scar you for life.

Zolla the Eye casts spells as a wizard, with a +10 bonus to their spell check. They are not able to spellburn, but can use all three Action Dice for spells due to their numerous hands.

It is said that what Zolla wants, Zolla gets….but just what does Zolla want? When Zolla the Eye is encountered, roll 1d5 to find out!


What Zolla Wants


Reproduction! This requires both a male and a female subject, to be painfully…blended…into a new creature similar to Zolla the Eye. The process takes several days.


Entertainment! Zolla the Eye seeks distraction from their boredom. There is a 50% chance that entertaining them will be rewarded, and a 50% chance that Zolla will seek to charm and abduct the entertainer(s) instead. When encountering the less-than-entertaining, there is a 75% chance that Zolla will simply ignore them, and a 25% chance that the Eye will seek to kill them instead.


Treasure! There is some specific object that Zolla wants or needs. It may even seem mundane on our plane, although it is potent where Zolla the Eye resides. There is a 25% chance that the PCs have this item.


Assistance! Zolla is looking for someone to help them do something. The job takes 1d6 days, and consists of (roll 1d5): (1) Trimming Zolla’s toenails, (2) helping brew something nasty and tarlike, (3) putting Zolla’s library of trashy novels into some semblance of order, (4) being the guinea pig for some horrendous experiment (Fort DC 10 to survive, gain 1d4 XP if successful), or (5) turn pages so Zolla can read some of those trashy novels; their arms are ridiculously short. Helping Zolla results in (roll 1d3): (1) Payment equal to 2d50 gp, (2) the Eye is willing to cast a spell for the assistant, which may be banked for up to a year, or (3) nothing; helping Zolla is it’s own reward!


Psychopathic Tendencies! Zolla just wants to kill someone, then take the body back to be stuffed and mounted in their private collection.




  1. Great creation! Is this an original?

    1. The write-up is an original creation; the illustration it was based on was posted on the DCC Rocks! Facebook group.

    2. Outstanding work! Can't wait to use it.


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