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Let’s Convert the Fiend Folio: Mezzodaemon and Mite

First appearing in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons module D3: Vault of the Drow, the Mezzodaemon is not only necessary to complete the Fiend Folio conversions, it is also necessary for judges wishing to use this classic adventure with the Dungeon Crawl Classics system. I mean, obviously, throw as much weird in there as you like – the GDQ Series certainly did in comparison to other modules of the day – but these adventures don’t deserve to be forgotten by modern gamers, and they deserve being played in a system that brings out their best!

There is something intrinsically right about little monsters running around in tunnels behind the dungeon tunnels, and the Fiend Folio certainly embraced the idea. This is our second such entry (the first being the Jermlaine) and we are not done yet. Make Monsters Mysterious is serious advice, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having variations on a theme. Judges are considered to use the tables for Variety in Humanoids (page 310 of the core rulebook) for these tiny humanoids as well.

This post completes the “M”s.

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Daemons are Neutral spirits, equivalent in some ways to the demons of Chaos and the angels of Law. There are many types of daemons, but regardless of type, all share the following traits: Immunity to non-magical weapons; immunity to mind-affecting spells and effects; immunity to any spell or effect that would forcibly change the daemon’s shape, form, or substance (including petrifaction); and the ability to speak and understand all languages.

Mezzodaemon: Init +4; Atk Talon +6 melee (1d6+6) or by weapon +9 melee (by weapon +6) or spell; AC 23; HD 8d8; MV 40’; Act 1d20; SP Daemon traits, infravision 60’, spellcasting, magic resistance, immunity to poison, half damage (fire, cold, acid), telepathy 50’ range, personal name; SV Fort +10, Ref +8, Will +12; AL N.

Mezzodaemons roam the various hells and abysses where souls are tormented after death, as well as the astral plane and the aether. They freely associate with all types of witches and demons, and it is not too difficult to summon them to the Lands We Know, as they enjoy wreaking havoc here and they are willing to associate with evil folk of any alignment if the price is right and their “superior” position is generally recognized. Mezzodaemons have a limited form of telepathy which allows them to communicate within 50’ of a target, as well as the ability to understand and speak all languages.

A mezzodaemon is enormously strong (+6 Strength bonus). They can strike with horny hands and talons, but will often use some form of weapon. These weapons are 25% likely to be magical (as created by the judge), and mezzodaemons with magical arms use these to their fullest potential. They prefer battle-axes, flails, and two-handed swords, all of which they can use one-handed. Mezzodaemons may also use shields, which increase their AC as normal.

Mezzodaemons can cast the following spells with a +8 bonus to their spell checks: Detect invisible, detect magic, ESP, invisibility, levitate, and planar step. Conversely, they are incredibly resistant to magic created by others. In this case, there is a 100% minus 10% per spell level that a spell cast at a mezzodaemon simply fails, or that an existing spell collapses when a mezzodaemon interacts with it. This means that 1st level spells fail 90% of the time, and even 5th level spells fail 50% of the time.

Each mezzodaemon has a personal name, which is kept very secret to avoid being commanded by nycadaemons, demon lords, archdevils, and similar creatures, and to avoid entrapment by mortals. A being that knows a mezzodaemon’s person name can use it when casting spells to bypass the daemon’s magic resistance and natural immunities (such as to mind-affecting spells). If a human wizard discovers a mezzodaemon’s personal name, the creature may well offer a service to a group of adventurers in exchange for proof of that wizard’s death.



Mite: Init +5; Atk Bite +0 melee (1d3) or loaded club +2 melee (1d3 subdual); AC 12; HD 1d4-1; MV 10’; Act 1d16; SP Trapmaking; SV Fort -4, Ref +6, Will +0; AL C.

These small humanoids are a mere 2 feet in height, with large heads and evil faces. They inhabit networks of narrow tunnels above and below main dungeon corridors, where their scurrying feet and high-pitched twittering voices can often be heard by roving groups of adventurers. However, mites are rarely seen and never openly attack. Instead, they attempt to ensnare the lone adventurers or unwary stragglers using trapdoors, nets, tripwires, and similar means, bundling their captive off before help arrives if they can. The entrances to their tunnels are hidden and can only be detected with a DC 10 Intelligence check. Even then, the tunnels are small and difficult of access to those of human build. Those captured by mites are robbed, stripped, bound and beaten. Then, somewhat later, they are returned helpless to the main corridor at the mercy of wandering-monsters.

Mites are related to jermlaine and snyads. So far as can be detected, they have no developed language as such – their vocal twittering conveys only the most rudimentary information.

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