Thursday, 16 December 2021

Yukon Cornelius, Warrior of the North

Yukon Cornelius, Warrior of the North: Init +3; Atk pick axe +2+Deed Die melee (1d6+2+Deed Die) or knife +2+Deed Die melee (1d4+2+Deed Die) or pistol -1+Deed Die ranged (1d6+Deed Die); AC 11; HD 4d12+8; hp 25; MV 30’; Act 1d20; SP Deed Die (1d6), crit range 19-20, taste silver and gold, dogs; SV Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +1; AL L; Crit IV/1d20.

Yukon Cornelius is a prospector in the far north, possessed of great courage, daring, and northern lore. 

He has an ability similar to that of a dwarf's ability to smell gold and gems, but it requires him to plant his pick axe and taste it. If there is buried silver or gold within 100 feet, he can taste it in the residue. Tall, with extraordinary strength and resilience, Yukon Cornelius has even taken on a bumble with no help save that of a 1st level elf dentist. (That they were able to push the bumble off a cliff was used as an indication of the size of Yukon Cornelius' Deed Die, and therefore of his level.)

Yukon Cornelius has a pack of unlikely and mismatched miniature dogs. Although none are appropriate to pulling a sled, they are nonetheless able to do so. One is a Saint Bernard, which carries a potion of healing (2 HD) in a small keg. These dogs are AC 14 and have 6 hp each. They have no effective attacks, apart from yapping at foes and cowering behind Yukon Cornelius. These dogs can made a collective attack roll (with a +4 bonus) once per game session. If they succeed, they do no damage, but instead allow Yukon Cornelius to re-roll a failed Deed Die. Regardless of the result of the second roll, Yukon Cornelius must abide by it.

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