Thursday 18 October 2018

XP For Gold

A post on Reddit recently asked how to use "XP for Gold" using the DCC rules. Because I thought the question was interesting, and potentially useful to others, I decided to crosspost my answer here. I have edited it a little.

In order to give XP for gold, rather than encounters, it might help to have a sense of the scale and general pacing DCC normally uses. I did an analysis of pacing here.

If the average encounter per adventure is 2 XP, and the average adventure has 14 encounters which the PCs engage in/get XP for, then you can assume

1 adventure (28 XP vs 10 XP needed) = level 1.
2 adventures (56 XP vs 50 XP needed) = level 2.
4 adventures (112 XP vs 110 XP needed) = level 3.
7 adventures (196 XP vs 190 XP needed) = level 4.
11 adventures (308 XP vs 290 XP needed) = level 5.
15 adventures (420 XP vs 410 XP needed) = level 6.
20 adventures (560 XP vs 550 XP needed) = level 7.
26 adventures (728 vs 710 XP needed) = level 8.
32 adventures (896 vs 890 XP needed) = level 9.
39 adventures (1092 vs 1090 XP needed) = level 10.

So, if your goal is to have the same general level of progression, determine how many sessions your group normally requires to finish an adventure, and how large your group is (assuming treasure earned per PC is the marker, not group treasure).

For instance, if you take an average 3 sessions to complete a DCC adventure, then you want each PC to be able to gain 4-5 XP per session. If you have 3 players, 4.5 x 3 = 13.5. Divide the amount of gold you expect the PCs to glean per session by this amount.

For instance, if you guess that the party should gain an average of 500 gp per session, you divide 500 by 13.5 and come up with 37.04. You could easily then say "1 XP per 40 gp" or "1 XP per 50 gp" if you want a slower pace and simpler math.

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