Monday 10 November 2014

Doctor Who: Death in Heaven

Have you seen Doctor Who`s season finale, Death in Heaven?

If not, skip this post. If so, highlight to read:

Don`t be so sure that Osgood is dead. Jump back to The Day of the Doctor, and you will note that Osgood frequently used an inhaler, and the lack of inhaler indicated her Zygon duplicate. Following the ratification of a treaty between humans and Zygons, why wouldn`t Osgood-Zygon be allowed to maintain a liaison post with U.N.I.T.?

No inhaler. Not Osgood.

Expect the character to return.


  1. Take a look at 16:06. I do see a one being used.

    1. Nothing like DotD though. I still think this will prove to be a switch.

    2. (Obviously, though, I could be wrong. Just fun to put speculation out there!)

    3. I just re-watched it; 16:06 comes right after the Doctor reminds her to use it. I think I was correct, and I think that it was intentional and that the Doctor knew it.

  2. I am hoping your are correct though.

  3. While not as endearingly offbeat as Malcolm from Planet of the Dead, I really liked the character from what she'd done so far, and would be quite happy to see her return and get to know her character better...

    Is anyone else feeling like the Christmas Special this year is going to pick up threads from the two-part finale (possibly being the de facto finale thereby), or is that just me? I haven't looked up cast lists or anything of the sort (since I dislike spoilers, sweetie), but I won't bat an eye if Clara is back and Danny was back by the end of it, too.

    And why not Osgood to boot!


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