Sunday, 3 November 2013

Playtesters Wanted!

I have some upcoming materials that I need some help getting playtested.

The first up is CE 5:  Silent Nightfall, appropriate for 2nd level characters (although usable at a much wider range).  I can send you the materials now, if you can get me a list of playtesters and some feedback no later than the 11th of November.  

Next up is a Mystery Project, which I hope to have ready for playtest no later than the 6th, but which I will need feedback on by the 14th.  This is the same project which was mentioned on Spellburn.

After this, I expect FT 1:  Creeping Beauties of the Wood to require playtesting.  

And there is more coming, so if you want some playtest credits, email me at ravencrowking at hotmail dot com.


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