Monday, 23 April 2012

Return to Quattro Dungeon

Here are some maps to share from my Quattro 8 x 8 Grid Notebook dungeon.  Each page is a discreet area, with each page being numbered and named.  For example, the first page is 01. The Mountain Temple.  Described encounter areas are numbered in red, while connections are simply lettered. 

For example, there are three connections on map 01, listed as A, B, and C.

Because of a desire to make finding things easier, subsequent maps follow the connection letter order.  Therefore, the next map (02. The Dusty Halls) shows the area connected by A (A on one map connects to A on another).  New connections go to D, E, and F.

Likewise, map 03. The River Caves contains connections to G and H.  There is no reason that North need be the binding edge on the notebook; this map is rotated to better fit.  Note also that there is nothing wrong with mapping to the edge of the grid!

Naming each section makes it easier to remember themes when filling in monsters, treasures, and descriptions.

Obviously, with 80 pages and multiple connections per page, letter connections will ultimately include double letters, such as AA, but by going “AA, AB, AC, AD, etc.” rather than “AA, BB, CC, DD, etc.” there should be no need for triple letters.

All maps are 1 square = 10 ft. unless otherwise noted.


  1. They advertise them as 'microperforated for easy removal'. I was considering following your lead and trying the same thing, but that line made me wary.

    Have you had trouble with the pages coming out of the quattro pad?

    1. No trouble whatsoever. I just bought another.

  2. Excellent, thank you for sharing this great idea.