Monday, 30 April 2012

When Cowled Men Creep (DCC 0-1st lvl adventure I'm working on)

In the isolated village of Pines Landing, some say that the Cowled Men come every generation. Others claim that the Cowled Men have never been seen before. Either way, folk are disappearing from their homes. Those who are taken are never seen again, and most of their names are quickly forgotten.

The would-be wizard, Manthus Elmarik, was one of the first to disappear. Some say he woke something unnatural. Others claim that emissaries must be sent through the Grimwald Forest to Castle Anwir, to beg protection from the Liege Lord who dwells there.

Only two things are certain: That something must be done, and that those who dwell in Pines Landing must do it.

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