Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Sphere of Many Maws

This monstrosity resembles a sphere 5' in diameter, covered with chitinous plates. It has a single large maw and 10 smaller fanged mouths growing at the end of 5' long tentacles. Each mouth can cast a single spell, with a +5 bonus to the spellcheck, as indicated below. Spells are lost on a total spellcheck of 10 or lower, but the Sphere of Many Maws otherwise suffers no ill effects from a failed spellcheck, even on a natural 1.

The Sphere can either bite or cast a spell each round, using each of its maws. The central maw is always able to cast dispel magic, but the tentacled maws have different spells, depending upon the individual encountered (see below). It is possible for two maws to have the same spell, and a tentacled maw can be severed with a Mighty Deed of 4+ (it regrows in 1d7 days). The Sphere never needs to use material components or spellburn, and all of its spells can be cast as an action.

For each tentacle maw, roll 1d20 to determine what spell it casts: (1) animate dead, (2) charm person, (3) color spray, (4) detect invisible, (5) enlarge, (6) flaming hands, (7) forget, (8) gust of wind, (9) lightning bolt, (10) magic missile, (11) paralysis, (12) phantasm, (13) ray of enfeeblement, (14) resist cold or heat, (15) scorching ray, (16) sleep, (17) slow, (18) turn to stone, (19) ward portal, or (20) word of command.

With multiple Action Dice, and multiple spells, these creatures have a distinct advantage in a spellduel. Spheres will usually retain their central maw for this purpose, even if they gain initiative.

Although they have no eyes, Spheres of Many Maws are able to sense their surroundings as though they had 120' infravision. They can hover and fly naturally through no means for this is apparent. Some sages believe that these creatures are merely the feeding orifices of a much larger (and more frightening) extradimensional being.

Sphere of Many Maws: Init +0; Atk central bite +4 melee (1d8) or tentacled bite +6 melee (1d4) or spell; AC 16; HD 4d12; MV fly 40’; Act 11d20; SP infravision 120', spells; SV Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +10; AL C.

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