Monday, 11 January 2016

Escape from Terror Island!

Saturday, January 16, 2016 is OSRCon 5.5 at the Wilmar Heights Event Centre, 963 Pharmacy Ave, in Toronto, Ontario.

I will be running the initial playtest of Escape from Terror Island from 6:50 pm-10:50 pm. Pre-generated characters provided courtesy of the Purple Sorcerer 0-level Party Generator.

Travellers are shipwrecked on the notorious Terror Island. Try to survive hungry cannibals, giant reptiles, ape men, and more while searching for a way to escape. Find items that give you phenomenal powers! Cower before alien gods! Uncover the secrets of the Lake of Bronze! Level up at 10 XP, and take on the rest of the adventure with your survivors!

Because this is an initial playtest, all participants are eligible for a playtester credit in the final product. Because this is DCC RPG, no one will walk away without some form of swag.


  1. playtest? so it will be published at some point?

  2. Hey Daniel, how was the Con, and how did your game go? I would of loved to make it, but just couldn't do it. I question the logic behind holding Cons in the middle of Canadian winters but that is another story...

    Also, when is your DCC adventure going to be released by Goodman Games? Hell, they were showing off the cover for it last gencon.
    Looking forward to playing it.

    Anyway, take care buddy.

    1. (1) The Con was great. I need to do a post.
      (2) Heh. Why not have something good to do when it is cold outside?
      (3) I don't know.