Thursday, 20 March 2014

Silent Nightfall.....Epic? Final Session

On Tuesday, my players finished their sojourn to Silent Nightfall. In the end, caution was selected as the better part of valour, and all survived. Normally, I don't answer player questions about the backdrop of the game because, hey, if they want to know what foozling the begummmertz is going to do, they need to figure that out in game. In this case, we did a question period afterwards, and were able to determine that some, but not all, of the PCs could potentially have died.

At 8th level, DCC characters potentially have the resources to make light work out of Silent Nightfall, but the set-up and the unknown prevented the players from taking too much for granted. Between levels 2-4, probably up to 6, is ideal for this location. But you can make even 8th level characters sweat.

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