Sunday, 16 February 2014

Pending Approval

Well, the text of FT 1: Creeping Beauties of the Woods just went to Mark Gedak for approval, and from him it goes to Joseph Goodman.


If all goes well, this will be a module that exceeds Prince Charming, Reanimator in all kinds of ways.  It offers a larger sandbox, as well as a larger glimpse into the world of the Faerie Tales From Unlit Shores series.  It offers a more complete Doctor Chapman, an approved Hizzzgrad (assuming approval), and Faerie Animals as a playable character class.

Did I mention that it offers a Goblin Market?

Where FT 0 was firmly Lovecraftian, FT 1 uses more influences from various Appendix N authors (and fairy tales, or fairy-tale-like works).  Don't worry, though, you lovers of Lovecraft.  You will see plenty more of his influence in FT 2: The Portsmouth Mermaid.