Sunday, 5 June 2022

Shudder Mountains Dragon

Michael Curts posted this image to Facebook (artist unknown). and the call immediately arose for game stats. Well, here are some game stats you can use! This is built off of the dragon generator from the core rules, by way of the Purple Sorcerer dragon generator, modified to make the creature better fit the image.

Opossum Dragon (average-sized dragon): Init +11; Atk antlers +12 melee (1d8) or bite +12 melee (1d12); AC 21; HD 11d12; hp 63; MV 40' or climb 30'; Act 2d20 (attacks) plus 1d20 (spells); SP see below; SV Fort +11, Ref +11, Will +11; AL N.

Breath Weapon: Type (sleep gas); Save (Fort 21); Damage (sleep for 1d6 hours or no effect with save); Shape (Cloud, radius 1d3 x 10’, aimed up to 90’ away).

Martial Power 1: Play dead. When reduced to 20 hp, the opossum dragon rolls over and pretends to be dead, giving off an awful stench. Living creatures (apart from opossum dragons) must succeed in a DC 21 Fort save to remain (or approach) within 30', and creatures which succeed suffer a -1d penalty on the dice chain while within this radius. This state lasts for 1d3 x 10 turns, or until the dragon is reduced to 10 or fewer hp (at which point it will flee or fight).

Martial Power 2: Retinue. The dragon is always accompanied by a retinue of 1d4+2 loyal followers (young opossum dragons, stats below).

Unique Power 1: Speak with animals (1/hour). The dragon can designate one animal and communicate effectively in that animal’s native tongue for the remainder of the hour. The animal still cannot communicate beyond the limits of its intelligence and physical abilities.

Spells: The opossum dragon can cast spells with a +2 bonus to the spell check:

Level 1 Spells: Animal summoning, magic shield

Level 2 Spells: Invisibility

Young Opossum Dragon (cat-sized dragon): Init +1; Atk claws +2 melee (1d8); bite +2 melee (1d12); AC 11; HD 1d12; hp 10; MV 30 or climb 20'; Act 2d20; SP see below; SV Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +1; AL N.

Breath Weapon: Type (sleep gas); Save (Fort 13); Damage (Fall asleep for 1d6 hours, no effect with save); Shape (Cloud, radius 1d4 x 10’, aimed up to 60’ away)

Unique Power: Charm (1/hour). The dragon can charm one living creature. Target considers the dragon its closest friend for 1d4 days or until attacked or betrayed by the dragon. Will DC 13 resists.

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