Saturday, 16 May 2020

DCC Days

I am hoping to spend this time running games at The Sword & Board in Toronto. But, man, doubts assail me. What if the Covid-19 ban (or a spike in cases) prevents the store from participating? What if economics prevent the store from participating, after being forcibly closed for some time?

What if?

What if?

I have been in some talks, but I don't see the event on their calendar, and the Goodman Games site only lists American participating retailers so far.

So I am now officially looking for someone to partner with, who is willing to pick up items for me at a different store, and ship them to Canada. I do not mind paying for this service!


Meanwhile, if you are in or near Toronto, and want to participate in DCC Days, why not make sure that The Sword & Board knows about it?  There is contact info on their webpage (linked above), and every person who inquires makes it more likely that the owners are willing to take what is, following an enforced closure, what amounts to an expensive risk.

Help me, Hugh-Shanna-Kenobi. You're my only hope.


  1. I've submitted an event for DCC Day online. The Portal Under The Stars. I've not run a time boxed convention game for DCC before but myself and my son played in a game you ran for Gary Con and thoroughly enjoyed it so I'm feeling inspired.

    1. That is awesome news!

      I'm glad you enjoyed the game. And I am glad that I got to run for both of you this time, although sadly not in person. I'd love to make it back to the convention in Perth if I can figure out the logistics to do so.

      Portal is a great adventure, and you should have lots of fun running it. I haven't set up my worldwide online game yet, but you are definitely in my thoughts when I do.

    2. Thanks Daniel. I appreciate that. Unfortunately, like other conventions, Tabletop Scotland bit the dust this year but David and the organising team have their heads screwed on and it will be back in 2021.

      I've actually decided to run Portal this coming Sunday as part of the Con of Champions which will hopefully let me iron out some wrinkles before DCC day. In fact, I searched for some tips on how to run it and the first thing I came across was a post which you had responded to, leading me back here. Everything in life it would seem is a circle.

      Stay safe and hope to cross paths with you again soon.

    3. Well, even post-Covid I intend on doing more online.

      So one way or another we shall cross dice!