Thursday, 5 October 2017

Gary Con...Looking For a Game

My son, Mike, will be coming to Gary Con with me again this year, and we are hoping to jump into some games where we can both play. I tried to make Friday my big day for running, opening some time Saturday for off-book games or just talking to people.

If we can jump in your game, please let me know!

(All plans at this point are tentative, until official scheduling is up.)


  1. If you and your son want to delve into one of my Castle Greyhawk events (which I've not submitted yet, but will likely occur on at least once on Friday and/or Saturday evening), let me know and I'll pencil you into the slot :D


    1. If our schedules do not conflict, that would be truly excellent.

  2. Heading over from England for a bucket list trip next year. I've submitted a low level DCC adventure of my own design. Looks like I'll be running on the Friday but hope to meet you at some point.

  3. As long as Ernie Gygax, Benoist Poire, and Eric Tenkar are featuring prominently at GaryCon again, children have no place there.