Thursday, 3 August 2017

Mathoms Away!

Mathoms have been sent.

This year, there were only two recipients....I hope I made it worth their while.

The "Law of Diminishing Returns" seems to have kicked in with a vengeance....should I bother to keep doing this?


  1. Like any type-B student would, I found myself putting off finishing my review for the Mathom until the last possible moment. I wished to participate after reading in the archives how poor your turnout had been last year. I have only discovered your works in the last 7 months, so this is my first opportunity.

    Last night I found myself unable to finish my review. I resolved to finish it today.

    I do not request anything of the Raven Crowking for his birthday, but offer my own rambling review as a gift to him and the DCC community. I apologize for the formatting, as the RPGNow website seems to have compressed it all into a series of odd text blocks.

    Should you choose to do away with the Mathom in the future, I cannot fault you. A hand-written work takes so much more to produce than a simple written review and yet so many of us cannot be bothered to do so. Your work and commitment to the DCC community can be felt by so many, as is evident by daily posts in the G+ groups. I hope my words echo the feeling of a great many players - Dungeon Crawl Classics is a far greater thing thanks to you.

    Happy Birthday, sir.