Friday, 8 August 2014

The Dungeon of Crows

An experiment is live on RPG Now as of now.

And it is Pay What You Want, which means Free unless you feel like paying anything.

Welcome to the Dungeon of Crows, a megadungeon for Labyrinth Lord and other Old School Role-Playing Games!  I have included both ascending and descending AC, as well as additional saving throw information (Fort, Reflex, and Will, ala 3.x and similar games) to make conversion easy.

Within you will find what remains of the Skullheap Goblins, a few vermin known and surprising, a mysterious rhizomatic growth, and the blue and red goop PCs will surely interact with.

This product contains the first 28 encounter areas, as well as a map for the western half of Level 1.  (The eastern half requires navigating the underground lake, or coming up from below.)

If you liked my previous stuff, you might like this. Really.

Pay What You Want. If there is enough interest, I will continue.


  1. At this point, there have been 93 "sales", with $63.40 in gross sales and $44.38 in profits. Enough to get the deluxe version of the Sunken City Omnibus, so worth continuing! The average "What You Want" that people paid is just over 68 cents. No reviews as of this time.

    Thank you all for your support. Another 28 rooms are coming.

  2. I don't have a formal review to make at this time, but one supportive comment I can make is that the map has a very jaquayan quality to it, which I really love and as it happened, turned out to be one of the reasons I supported this product. I think PDFs have a certain handiness to them, but they will never beat the finite quality of crisp paper and the printed word. The bibliophile in me would be interested in collecting the final copy when complete.


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