Monday, 31 December 2012

DCC House Rule: Character Age

Young/Adult:     No modifiers to stats as rolled
Mature:             –(1d3-1) Str/Agi/Sta, +(1d3-1) Int
Old:                   –(1d3-1) Str/Agi/Sta, +(1d4-2) Int*
Venerable:        –(1d3-1) Str/Agi/Sta, –(1d3-2) Int/Per**
Ancient:            –1d3 Str/Agi/Sta, –(1d3-1) Int, Per

* If a “1” is rolled on the 4-sided die, a -1 penalty occurs.
** If a “1” is rolled on the 3-sided die, a +1 bonus is gained.  Congratulations!   You've aged well.

Note that each modifier is rolled separately.  For example, an old character rolls 1d3-1 for Strength, a separate 1d3-1 for Agility, and a third 1d3-1 for Stamina.

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