Saturday, 29 September 2012

AL3:  Through the Cotillion of Hours is now available, in print-on-demand or pdf format, through RPG Now or DriveThru RPG.  (EDIT:  Now available at Paizo)

Sooner or later, characters are going to want to quest to achieve some specific end – to raise a fallen comrade, to regain lost ability points, to discover a new spell, to find some new magic item…the possibilities are nearly endless. This scenario can occur at any time during the course of overland travel, and gives characters the opportunity to meet some of these goals.

In this adventure, sleeping characters are invited to the Cotillion of Somnos, the Dreaming God. If they can make their way past the entertainments at the Masked Ball, they can petition the Dreaming God to fulfil some request on their behalf.

Through the Cotillion of Hours is a Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game adventure designed for  any number of characters of any level.  The basic description and invoke patron results form Somnos, the Dreaming God, are included in this module.

Scott Ackerman does his usually amazing artwork in this product, and Kristian Richards supplies some excellent cartography.  Many thanks to Mark Gedak at Purple Duck Games for making this happen!

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