Saturday, 18 June 2011

Request for Help -- That Hideous Face

In 2003, I was able to obtain the opportunity to examine an original manuscript supposedly found at 65 Prospect Street in Providence, Rhode Island.  My analysis of that document ( was published in Mythos Collector #6 (, in the winter of 2004.  The original fragment was published as “That Hideous Face” in a Dreaming Seas Press edition, and was purported to have been a lost work by H.P. Lovecraft.

I recently had a hard drive crash which wiped out my electronic copy of the document provided by Dreaming Seas Press.  My hardcopy printouts have likewise disappeared.  At the time of my analysis, it was an easy matter to download a copy of the document off the Internet, but this has proved a frustrating experience.  Even Internet Archives seem not to contain the work.

It has proved impossible to track down Emily Cole, the girl who purportedly found the manuscript, or members of her family.  Likewise, the poetry and short fiction of Ms. Cole, which was heretofore easily found via the world wide web, seems to have been removed from every server.

Dreaming Seas Press has likewise gone out of business, and I have had no success in tracking down the publishers, who seem to be no longer active in Mythos circles.

If anyone has a copy, either electronic or hardcopy, of the story, That Hideous Face, purportedly by H.P. Lovecraft – especially if you have a copy of the 2002 Dreaming Seas Press edition published in Rhode Island, I would be happy to arrange remuneration in exchange for a copy.  Note that I am not speaking of a copy of my analysis; I have that.  I am looking for the story that I produced an analysis of.

Thank you in advance.

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