Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Ask Me Anything

Hi. I did this about a year ago, and why not do it again? New faces, new people, new questions, and here I am trying very hard to get back into the swing of writing every day!
I am Daniel J. Bishop, author of several Dungeon Crawl Classics adventures. My work includes Through the Dragonwall and The Dread God Al-Khazadar for Goodman Games, as well as third-party publisher products such as Bone Hoard of the Dancing HorrorThe Falcate Idol, and The Arwich Grinder. My blogs include Raven Crowking’s Nest, the DCC Trove of Treasures, and Toronto Crawl Classics.
I'll be taking questions for the next 48 hours or so.


  1. Great photo - where is it? (It looks like the English Lake District). I've just finished posting 12 days in a row at my blog after a three year hiatus and it's been great fun. I'll post a proper question over on Reddit...

    1. It's in the Pentlands on the outskirts of Edinburgh, last August.

    2. And, FWIW, your blog is on my reading list!

    3. Ah - pretty close then! It looks like you enjoyed it. We love the British hills and mountains - and castles - I hope you visited some!

      Glad someone's reading my blog...

    4. This last trip I managed to visit the royal palace at Linlithgow, which was a real treat. Before that, I did 5 weeks in Scotland in 2017, where I managed to explore several castles. Findlater Castle, crumbling on the edge of the ocean, was probably the most RPG of them....but the Bishop's Palace and King's Castle in Kirkwall certainly could be turned into a dungeon!

      More on that trip here:


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