Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Rock Me, GenreCon

Chris Jeffers, Jace Shulz, and Ryan Bishop level survivors

Last weekend, I drove to Guelph, Ontario to attend GenreCon at the Delta Hotel & Conference Centre. GenreCon is primarily a media-based event, with a lot of cosplay, but fellow judge Chris Jeffers and I did our best to represent!

One issue that occurred with the programming was that DCC event times, while clearly listed on the website, were not clearly listed at the event. Nonetheless, on Saturday I was able to run Thirteen Brides of Blood and The Imperishable Sorceress at the convention.

Because turnout was insufficient to run two tables, Chris joined me at mine on Saturday, and I got to be a player in his Sisters of the Moon Furnace game on Sunday. This turned out to be the best-attended game of the convention, with Chris having to handle a very full table!

Neither Chris nor I had received swag for these events in particular, but Chris had managed to put together not only a nice amount of stuff to give away, but set up a generous raffle to support the United Way.

All in all, it was fun, and I would do it again. I would try to plan better, and make sure that a schedule was posted at the convention, though!

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