Sunday, 6 January 2019

Gary Con Schedule

DCC—The Black Feather Blade 
Friday at 10:00 AM
Duration 4 hours

DCC—The Dread God Al-Khazadar 
Friday at 3:00 PM
Duration 5 hours

DCC—The Arwich Grinder 
Friday at 9:00 PM
Duration 3 hours

DCC—The Imperishable Sorceress
Saturday at 10:00 AM
Duration 3 hours

DCC—Trail of the Rat 
Saturday at 2:00 PM
Duration 3 hours

DCC—Blood for Cthulhu!
Saturday at 9:00 PM
Duration 3 hours


  1. Hoping to have a bit better luck with registration this year; so, perhaps I will once again sit across a gaming table from you good sir.

    1. I actually avoid getting registered through Goodman Games so that my offerings are not listed as featured events. It gives people a better chance to get in, I think.

  2. That makes a lot of sense. I'd imagine that as DCC keeps gaining in popularity; the sessions themselves will get snapped up more & more quickly even without the "featured" element. It's like watching your favorite indy band start to build a following. Once upon a time you got to see them in a small; half-empty club; and then two years down the road you're waiting in a long line full of people who hadn't even heard of the band six months prior. While you're happy for the band; now, you are stuck in that line.

  3. Managed to get into 2 of your games mate. Quite looking forward to it.
    As I'm sure you've noticed, there are a LOT more DCC games being run this year. A very good sign for Goodman Games indeed.
    best- Mars (Doomsayer)


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