Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Scotland Bound

I will be headed to Scotland in mid-August.

If any readers live in Scotland, give a shout out!


  1. Shout! Whereabouts in Scotland?

    1. Starting in Edinburgh, going west to Skye with a couple of stops on the way, then to Inverness, up to Orkney, and then down to Gardenstown before returning to Edinburgh.

    2. I'll be visiting Stirling Castle and Doune Castle, staying in Stirling (SYHA) on the night of September 13th, just before returning to Edinburgh on the 14th and flying back to Canada on the 15th. Happy to meet in Stirling and lift a pint on the Sep 13th after the castles, as I believe that is the closest I will be to your stomping grounds.

    3. Sounds good. Unless you would prefer Edinburgh - I work just outside the city, so a meetup there wouldn't be too tough. :)

    4. Well, I am in Edinburgh longer than I am in Stirling. I believe, without checking, that I am there on the nights of the 14th, 15th, and 16th of August.

    5. Sounds like Edinburgh is probably the better choice.

      Incidentally, at Doune castle the electronic tour guide has a track recorded by two of the Pythons (Eric Idle and Terry Jones, I think) - they filmed Holy Grail there. So that's worth checking out.

    6. Cool...I'll be using public transport...is there a pub you can recommend (maybe on the 15th)?

      Also, are AAA batteries available in Scotland (I understand your outlets are different from ours for phone chargers, etc.)?


    7. The 15th of August is good for me. I'll get back to you with a recommendation for a pub - some of my colleagues know Edinburgh a lot better than I do, so I'll ask around first.

      AAA batteries are indeed widely available in Scotland, so you shouldn't have any problems picking them up.

    8. Okay, can I suggest the Guildford Arms (http://guildfordarms.com/), which is five minutes from Waverley Station in the centre of Edinburgh?

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