Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Dungeon Dozen

I would like to take a moment to recommend The Dungeon Dozen by Jason Sholtis, the mastermind at The Dungeon Dozen blog.

I love books that help get your creative juices flowing.  The Dungeon Dozen (Volume 1!) belongs on your shelf along with The Dungeon Alphabet, The Random Esoteric Monster Generator, and The d30 Sandbox and DM's Companions.

Like all the best inspirational books, The Dungeon Dozen has artwork that is worth the price of admission by itself, and is a meaty book filled with tables and ideas.  In fact, it is easily among the best "random tables" books I've seen.  
If this book doesn't inspire hundreds of hours of game play at your table, you must not have bought it.

This really is top-notch work.  You can get it here.  And at the same time, you really should be following the author's blog.


  1. I agree it is an awesome book!

  2. I have taken you up on your advice and ordered a copy along with the d30 sandbox and DM companions. For what it's worth I also went out on a limb and added The Spider God's Bride from publishing and the Gauric line of books (pdf), I'm looking forward to having a close look at these books.

    1. The d30 books are also very useful. I will be interested to hear your thoughts on The Spider God's Bride in particular, so please let us know, or link to whatever review you may do!