Monday, 16 July 2012

Patrons & Projects

I have been throwing myself into the DCC RPG with both feet!

You will see my artwork in Crawl! #2 and my illustrated Magic Wand spell in Crawl! #3.

I am aiding in playtesting the admirable Transylvanian Adventures, for which I am also producing some artwork.  While I don't yet want to talk about specific rules, I will say that (1) there are some really cool ideas here that are usable for any DCC campaign, and (2) I really, really like the sample adventure!

I am working on a series of adventure modules with Purple Duck Games, the first of which (Adventure Locale 1: Bone Hoard of the Dancing Horror) is already out and is available via RPG Now, Gumroad, DriveThru RPG and the Paizo webstore.  Through the Cotillion of Hours has just been submitted, to go through outside playtesting, possible editing, and (hopefully) approval.

I am also working on patrons (and acting as an editor on the final product of) Angels, Daemons, and Beings Between:  A Patron Sourcebook for DCC RPG, which just went live on Indiegogo.  I strongly feel that this sourcebook will be of real benefit to DCC judges (and, of course, their players!) as patrons provide so much of the flavour of the DCC magic system....and of many Appendix N novels.  I hope you will consider becoming a supporter.  I also hope you will help spread the word!

As this project moves forward, I plan on posting some sneak-peaks here on the blog.  I will also talk a little about the incentive adventure I am writing for this project, The Revelation of Mulmo.

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