Friday 3 August 2012

Multi-Classing DCC Style: Half Levels

At least one of my players would like a multi-classing option, and I am inclined to be obliging, but the nature of the DCC RPG seems (to me) to preclude easy multi-classing. I certainly don't want a character to take one level of each class, and then get all of the resultant benefits! But, it has been pointed out to me that a character like Conan or Tarzan would be better modelled by allowing some form of multi-classing. Also, of course, there is the desire of some to play an Elf Wizard or a Halfling Warrior.

So, what I am planning on doing is this: I am going to write a half-level progression for all of the human classes. If you are a Halfling, and you want to be a Warrior, your first level only gains you the benefits of the half-level. Likewise, if you are a human Warrior and you want to practice thievery as well, you can take a half-level in Thief. After the half-level, you may use another advancement to gain the full 1st level benefits of the Thief class.

In other words, I am envisioning that one could have a third level character who was a Warrior 1/Cleric 1, who has 3 full Hit Dice, and who can then progress as either a Warrior or Cleric without further difficulties. A character two wished to have three classes would have to be 5th level before he was 1st level in all three classes.

I am not envisioning demi-human half levels, because the demi-human levels are the base and should come naturally. Also, the half-level fee would be paid before multi-classing into the demi-human class, as described above.  There will probably be limitations to classes allowed demi-humans as well, in order to better follow the Appendix N feel of DCC.  For example, no Elf Clerics!

If there is interest in this idea, I will write it up for Crawl!. It is certainly going to be playtested in my home campaign.


  1. I'm interested, and subscribe to Crawl!

  2. It kinda reminds me the 3.0 rule for Apprentice-Level Characters (a sort of reminiscence from AD&D Multi-classing System).

  3. Count me as interested! I should be taking players through the funnel next weekend and I am sure that eventually some of them would be interested in multi-classing.

  4. I am now planning to write this up for Crawl! If Crawl! is not interested, I'll still make it available for those who want it.

  5. Did this make it in Crawl? If not, we'd love to see your take on it pls! Thnx


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