Sunday, 26 May 2013

Mulmo Preview - Spoilers Sweetie

If you intend to play through this module, do not read the following.  This is a very minor encounter area, an homage to Robert E. Howard, to give some idea of the flavour of the text.

First Review!

1-12 Storage Chamber: This chamber, roughly 50 feet in diameter, is filled with barrels, crates, and bundles, which have been hacked, with some of their contents strewn around the chamber in a welter of spoiled foodstuffs and broken glass.

These goods were gained through a mixture of trade, tribute, and theft. Most were foodstuffs, although there was cloth, glassware, and ceramics as well.  Nothing of value remains whole, and there are clear signs of animals large and small having been here.

A large urn decorated with a serpent motif and sealed with a heavy lead plug remains unopened. It will only be located if the characters spend at least 30 minutes searching through the debris. Runes on the lid declare it the property of the cult of an evil snake god. Although both elves and trow were wise enough to leave it alone, the PCs may not be – within is coiled a demonic serpent which appears as a 10 foot long crimson cobra with almost human facial features.

The demonic serpent’s bite is poisonous; any who is struck must make a Fort save (DC 14) or be paralyzed instantly, dying in 1d4+2 rounds unless the poison is somehow countered. The serpent can spit a line of venom up to 20’. In this case, the victim must make a Reflex save (DC 12) or suffer poisoning. If the Reflex save is a natural “1”, the victim is struck in the eyes, and must make an additional Fort save (DC 16) or be permanently blinded even if the venom is countered.

Demonic serpent: Init +6; Atk bite +6 melee (1d3 plus poison); AC 18; HD 6d12; hp 50; MV 40’; Act 2d20; SP poison, spit poison, demon traits (type II: speech, read minds, infravision, darkness [+8 spell check], immune to non-magical weapons or natural attacks from creatures of 3HD or less, half damage [fire, acid, cold, electricity, and gas], can teleport back to home plane at will, crit threat range 19-20); SV Fort +6, Ref +10, Will +6; AL C.

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