Monday 8 June 2015

Free RPG Day - The Hypercube of Myt!

The Hypercube of Myt

How It Works

The Hypercube of Myt is a DCC RPG Tournament adventure. Up to 8 players can participate at a time, with each player having only a single level-0 PC. As each PC dies, the controlling player taps out of the game, and a new player rotates into the game with a brand new PC. Players eliminated from play may re-enter the game with a new PC when another seat opens up at the table.

The tournament will be played for a pre-designated amount of time (11 am to 5 pm). The tournament adventure is scored by ranking individual PCs by largest number of encounters survived. Players are scored in the tournament as follows: For each encounter survived (an encounter being defined as any time in which initiative is rolled to begin a combat), the player’s character sheet is stamped once with the “I Survived!” stamp. When a PC dies, likewise that player’s character sheet is stamped with the “Dead” stamp.

Please hang onto their character sheets for later event scoring. If you must leave before 5 pm, please clearly indicate your name, email address, and/or phone number on your sheet. At the end of the event, the players with character sheets that show the most encounters survived stamps will be ranked, and the top three numerical survival totals will be awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively. Any ties will be settled by a d20 dice-off between the tying players.

Adventure Background

Your characters are peasants living in a medium-sized village. Thousands of years in the past, this area was a small portion of a vast empire — the Kingdom of Morr. Unknown to all but the most-learned, the PC’s village now occupies land that was once the estate of Morr’s grand vizier, the chaotic mage Mytus the Mad. Where once the Keep of Myt stood on a small rocky peninsula jutting out into the sea, the now-nameless inland sea has retreated to such a degree that the ruins are positioned inland in a grassy field just north of the village.

All that remains of the keep are a few scattered and half-buried stones and the vine-covered Hypercube of Myt.

The Cube is said by some to be the Mad One’s impregnable treasure vault, and by others still, his tomb. There are two circular doors positioned on opposite sides of the Cube — the southern portal being an entrance, and the northern portal apparently an exit. The northern door cannot be opened by any means. The southern door may be opened freely on only one day of the year — the vernal equinox — at which time it admits any who would enter.

Millennia of failed attempts to move, damage, or otherwise violate the Cube have reduced it to a local curiosity and the customary site of an annual Springtime fair. The peasants of your village even conduct ale-fueled contests of virility and strength to determine if any are brave (or witless) enough to enter the Cube. The characters in this tournament are those brave (or witless) souls!


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