Sunday 30 September 2012

S is for Sandbox Recap

Before I can start adding more to this series, I need to do a quick recap.  The various “S is for Sandbox” posts can be found here:

Sometimes it is difficult to keep all of these various ideas for blog posts going!  In any event, I’ve spent some time on reviews, house rules for the DCC RPG, and projects that I am working on.  While these other threads will no doubt continue, those threads discussing gaming theory and “how to” for prospective GMs are also important.

This post is to remind the Gentle Reader of the “alphabet” thread, and to give me a quick reference as to where I am on the “S is for Sandbox” portion of it.  We were about to see the Temple of Hermes and the dungeon below in as part of a minor adventure site, written for the DCC RPG.  More to follow!


  1. Ravencrowking:

    I just wanted to thank you for this Sandbox series. It has fundamentally changed the way I game and has greatly impacted the underlying philosophy in which I view RPGs. I honestly now feel like your sandbox posts describe the only adequate way to play an RPG, it's gone far beyond a "style" or "method".

    I actually have been sharing your post with everyone I can find, but to make it easier, I have put them all together in a single PDF document which I have been sharing judiciously around the interwebs. You can see that here:

    My game of choice is First Edition AD&D and my games have become far richer and more satisfying after putting into practice the sandboxing methods you've provided. I personally believe your work on this topic is up there with the "Old School Primer" and even comparable with Gygax's DMG - it should be required reading for any fledgling individual interested in the old-school (Appendix N) game. Hell, every P&P role-player should be required to read this document at some point.

    I anxiously look forward to more posts on this sandbox series. Maybe someday you'll have enough material to sell a book on the subject - I'd be first in line to buy it!

    Thanks again for your inspiration!


    1. Thank you for your comments. Sometimes, blogging is like howling into the wind, and you don't know if anything you are saying is of any value to anyone. Well, anyone besides yourself. That I have been doing this long enough to have opinions is not enough, in and of itself, to make those opinions valuable!

      Again, thank you. Those are some of the kindest words ever "spoken" my way.


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