Thursday, 14 June 2012

Free RPG Day Reminder

Saturday June 16th is Free RPG Day!

I will be running two Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG events at Dueling Grounds in Toronto.  Each of these events is for 3-10 players.  There is no advanced seating or sign-up for these events.

If you've been following this blog, and you are in the Toronto area, I really hope to see you there!

The first adventure is The Jeweler That Dealt in Stardust, a level 3 scenario by Harley Stroh.  A jeweler and fence has gone missing, and his house of jewels now sits empty. Surely a cunning thief could make his way inside to steal the unguarded riches?  This starts at Noon, and is set to run to 3 pm (maximum extension to 3:30).

Harley Stroh is the author of Doom of the Savage Kings and Sailors on the Starless Sea, which are excellent modules for the DCC RPG, and which I cannot praise highly enough.  Jeweler is equally good!

The second adventure is The Undulating Corruption, a level 5 scenario by Michael Curtis. The characters learn of a purported Crucible that can cure their wizard's corruption...but reaching this cure is not easy!  This starts at 4 pm, and is set to run to 6 pm (maximum extension to 6:30 pm).

Michael Curtis is author of The Dungeon Alphabet and Stonehell Dungeon: Down Night-Haunted Halls.  His excellent offering for this Free RPG Day is not for the squeamish....and promises to be great fun!

Pregenerated characters will be provided for both scenarios (both those provided by Goodman Games, and additional characters created using Purple Sorcerer's excellent generators).  You are strongly urged to bring your own dice.  The game can be played with standard rpg dice plus 1d30 (and I have several d30s!).

Drinks are sold in store.  Please note that no food or food garbage is allowed; there are local places to eat in the area, so plan accordingly.


  1. I'm going to try and come to your lunch time game. It'll be good to meet a fellow DCC RPG fan.

  2. Ram,glad you made it out, and sorry there wasn't the level of turn-out I'd have desired. It was good to meet you!

  3. It was fun, large group or small. I had a good time. Was there a low turnout in the afternoon as well?

  4. There was actually no turnout in the afternoon, either for the event that I was running, or for the event that the Pathfinder people were running.

    I suspect that the store not allowing pre-registration was a factor: Why drive out to be turned away? Another factor might have been insufficient advertising.

    These are both factors that I will target next year.

    At least I got to talk to the Pathfinder folks and extol the virtues of DCC!

  5. That's good then. I was surprised it was so quiet at Duelling Grounds. I had thought it would be much busy, just based on the D&D Encounters turnout I've seen. There are lots of little kids that come to Encounters, that weren't at the Free RPG Day.

    The guys that run D&D encounters often make (very) oblique references to the two stores they run their games in at: Hairy T North and Duelling Grounds. You can see what they have to say in the section entitled "Who’s Running the Show?"


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